From start to finish

At ProCote we do everything we can to protect your vehicle when in our care. This includes protecting every edge from prep to covering the front of your vehicle during spray time to rinsing our dust off before delivery. This is how we can guarantee the best workmanship in town. 

Prep work

 Prep work is the real key to a good bedliner. Without these first steps, a bedliner will more than likely have problems like lifting edges, bubbling and peeling. ProCote does not use the "Scuff and Shoot" method to prep (hand sand block and/or scotch brite pad spending 10 to 15 minutes of prep) like most of our competitors. We use the right tools to make sure that you will never have a problem. 


 The next step is cleaning and getting ready to spray your ProCote bedliner. The cleaning process ensures no dust, dirt, oils, moisture or any impurities in the spray area. After the cleaning process is complete, our next step is to wrap up and seal every surface  that is not to be sprayed. With plastic, foam and tape we make your sure your vehicle is 100% protected! 

Spraying the product

 ProCote Spray On Bedliners product is a hot application that is sprayed under high pressure. The application is a two part process; an ISO - A side and RES - B side, with a  50 - 50 mixture that is heated to 120 - 160 degrees before spray and 160 - 210 degrees at point of spray . Our product starts to set up in 3 to 5 seconds and is dry to the touch in 10 seconds.  It's immediately useable. We do ask for no heavy usage (like gravel, bricks or sharp edges) for the first 24 hours.  

Finishing the job

 The last step is final clean up of your New ProCote spray on bedliner. With a quick rinse to get the dust off we make sure your vehicle looks better now than when you dropped it off.  Congratulations on your New ProCote spray on bedliner! 

Life Time Warranty

ProCote Spray On Bedliner warranty

          Procote spray on bedliners have a lifetime warranty on our product from our manufacturer. We at ProCote Spray On Bedliners guarantee the best workmanship in town.   

What does this mean?

Warranty is in effect for the original purchaser of a ProCote Spray On Bedliner. Any and all customer concerns will be determined by ProCote Spray On Bedliners if to be defective in material or workmanship. Warranty does not cover physical or subsequent damage to our spray on bedliner or vehicle due to normal wear and tear. ProCote may or may not repair spray on bedliners at our discretion. Any and all repairs will only be carried out at ProCote Spray On Bedliners. Warranty is void on any and all repainted vehicles. Purchaser is hereby notified that it is normal for some color change to happen over time.  The foregoing in lieu of any and all warranty or application of our ProCote spray on bedliner involving sanding, installing/removing of masking tape and trimming on the vehicles paint surface. Purchaser warrants the paint on vehicle against peeling and/or lifting when masking tape and/or wire tape is removed during such time the above process is carried out and for the duration of life of our ProCote spray on bedliner.